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Knowledge Seminar: Restorative Practices in Schools

30 April 2015

In early March, Professor Chris Marshall presented a Ministry of Education Knowledge Seminar about restorative justice practices in schools.

Professor Marshall is the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington. He spoke about the spread of restorative practices in schools and their potential to transform, not only the education sector, but also society at large.

A video of Professor Marshall’s presentation is now available. The total duration is approximately 50 minutes, broken into four chapters:

Chapter 1: The importance of a positive and supportive school environment


Chapter 2: Traditional deterrence options and their impact on children


Chapter 3: Alternative approaches / restorative practices


Chapter 4: Restorative discipline - key ideas.

  • Restorative justice approaches place a different ‘lens’ or paradigm for considering the issue and interpretation of justice - based on a fundamentally relational understanding rather than an abstract or legalistic approach.
  • Schools have a critical role in forming future citizens, and when schools teach and model restorative ways of handling conflict and wrongdoing, they contribute significantly to the creation of a more peaceful, humane and democratic society.

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