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Ministry of Education.

Contact PB4L

If your query relates to PB4L training opportunities in your region, please email your local Ministry office. You can find contact details here.

For all other queries, further information and guidance on PB4L initiatives, you can contact us at [email protected].

Support Material

Help and Support

Nobody’s perfect and all children will have bouts of challenging behaviour. Some will be minor, some will be severe. Every school, classroom, or centre can experience these and respond to them effectively.

But sometimes a situation does not improve the behaviour doesn’t shift, or the behaviour lasts many months, or is severe. In this case there are experts available to support you.

Contact your local Ministry of Education office to access service.


Interim Response Fund

The Interim Response Fund can be used by schools to stabilise a crisis behaviour situation and meet a child’s immediate needs while a comprehensive intervention plan is put in place.
For more information, find the Principal’s Manual on the Interim Response Fund page of the Ministry of Education's main website.


Using your RTLB Service

Remember to call on the expertise of your Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) to develop both reactive and proactive interventions to promote positive behaviour.

RTLB are trained to support the needs of children whose achievement in learning and behaviour is not fully being realised and to support their kura/schools and kaiako/teachers.

They can provide advice and support in individual, classroom, and whole-school settings.


  • focus on a child’s potential rather than underachievement
  • see behaviour as a teaching and learning challenge not a child problem
  • establish processes and systems to better respond to the needs of children
  • access evidence and research about what has been proven to work.

For more information go to the RTLB website.

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