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Ministry of Education.

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If your query relates to PB4L training opportunities in your region, please email your local Ministry office. You can find contact details here.

For all other queries, further information and guidance on PB4L initiatives, you can contact us on PB4L@education.govt.nz.

Incredible Years Autism

What are the Incredible Years Autism programmes?

The Incredible Years Autism programmes are part of a series of interlocking, evidence-based programmes for parents, children and teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The Incredible Years Autism is a 14 session programme for parents, and the Incredible Years Helping Children with Autism is a separate 6-session programme for teachers, of children aged 2-5 on the autism spectrum. Together, they aim to promote children’s emotional regulation, positive social interactions and language development.

We know that children on the autism spectrum are more likely than their peers to have behaviour issues and their parents are more likely to experience high levels of stress and mental health issues. We also understand that it’s the key adults in a child’s life who have the biggest impact and can make the biggest change, that’s why we’re focusing our support on parents and teachers to create the best environment for tamariki.

The Incredible Years Autism programmes are part of a range of supports that the Ministry provides for children and young people on the autism spectrum.

The Incredible Years Autism programme (for parents)

The Incredible Years Helping Children with Autism programme (for teachers)

Incredible Years Autism programmes are available in the following regions:

  1. Auckland
  2. Tauranga
  3. Hawke’s Bay
  4. Taranaki
  5. Wellington
  6. Nelson
  7. Christchurch
  8. Invercargill.

For more information, contact:  incredibleyears.autism@education.govt.nz

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