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Ministry of Education.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Contact PB4L

If your query relates to PB4L training opportunities in your region, please email your local Ministry office.

Local Ministry Office is where you can find contact details. 

For all other queries or further information and guidance on PB4L initiatives, contact us:



 Positive Behaviour for Learning initiatives help parents, whānau, teachers, early childhood centres, and schools address problem behaviour, improve children's well-being, and increase educational achievement.

By strengthening relationships and creating more positive home and school environments, we remove barriers to engagement and improve students' chances to achieve at school and beyond.

PB4L is a long-term, systematic approach involving: whole-school change initiatives, targeted group programmes, and individual student support services.

About PB4L
Page on this site that has more information on Positive Behaviour for Learning.

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PB4L  Conference on 26-27 August 2022
NZEI Te Riu Roa is the lead partner as PB4L celebrates its 10th conference. The 2022 event will be held at The Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington.

Those keen to attend can do so in-person or by virtual attendance.

The PB4L Initiatives