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Ministry of Education.

About this site

We’ve brought together in one place the best evidence about behaviour, common practices, and practical tips and tools for working at an individual, classroom, early childhood centre, or whole-school level.

Content is relevant to New Zealand educators from early childhood through to secondary school.

Content owners

PB4LOnline was developed by New Zealand’s Ministry of Education as part of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L). PB4L provides programmes and initiatives for early childhood education centres, schools, teachers, and parents to promote positive behaviour in children. PB4L is supported by eight education sector agencies and led by the Ministry of Education.

The principles behind PB4LOnline

Our website models the principle that the education sector needs to focus on a small number of initiatives that we know work. It supports the consistent, quality application of evidence-based initiatives across the country.

Content sources

We have brought together:

  • international and New Zealand evidence about behaviour
  • common practices – sourced from the PB4L School-Wide approach, the PB4L Incredible Years programmes, and Ministry of Education psychologists experienced in working with children experiencing behaviour challenges.

We have also emphasised readings and useful programmes that we would most recommend for their strong evidence base and alignment with the principles of PB4L.

Programmes and initiatives that have informed our content

Sources of cultural content

  • Tātaiako which outlines the competencies teachers need to develop so they can help Māori learners achieve educationally as Māori
  • Te Kotahitanga which is a research and development programme to improve Māori students’ learning and achievement.  

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