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Encourage Positive Behaviours

Positive behaviour can be learnt. A safe and caring environment that supports positive learning behaviour needs to be created.

Tips for success:

  • you can’t do it alone – kia mahitahi, work (and learn) as a team
  • show children and young people you care, show that you believe in them, show that you trust them and play with them often
  • have high (and realistic) expectations for children and young people. They will rise to these
  • family and whānau usually know their children or young people best – involve them and you increase your chances of connecting with a child or young person
  • children and young people don’t always know how to behave – you need to teach, regularly practice and positively reinforce the behaviour you want to see
  • provide the foundations for all children and young people to learn and succeed – make sure all of your school or systems support positive behaviour
  • remember the quiet ones – those who internalise their behaviour (e.g. withdraw or sulk) need the same positive attentions as those who externalise behaviour.

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